Testing new waters.

When was the last time you took up a good challenge?

Testing new waters can be a challenging thing to do especially when you are not sure of what to expect. But imagine if you took the chances and did it anyways, the thought of things turning out just fine should make you want to try it even more,right?

The thing about trying out things for the first time is we never really know what the outcome will be. Will we succeed at it or will we get a slap right on our faces if at all we fail to succeed? I’m here to tell you that that feeling of not knowing what to expect is normal to have,and that should not scare you from doing it.

Start by setting slightly challenging tasks,then advance to more complex challenges(evolve). This will go a long way in building your confidence . While at it,try not to put too much pressure on yourself too,i mean it’s never that serious.

Remember to keep an open mind at what could possibly be the outcome. Above all give it your best.Reveal in the beauty and simplicity of your existence.


Do the best you can until you know better.Then when you know better ,do better .

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