What comes to mind when you see an ant carrying something on it’s back which at times is way bigger than its actual size ?(ponder on that for a while)

We have all been through situations that required us to step up in one way or another and hold on to something or someone .When you seek to accomplish a goal in any particular area of your life you are required to step up ;and not just anything but to the opportunity that presents itself .Its often easier to quit than to take action when there is an opportunity .But the moment you realise that you can’t master everything in one day ,that it will require you to first master one thing and keep doing that everday then clarity paves way for your persistence to take control.

Once you have stepped up to an opportunity then you need to master how to hold on to the opportunity despite the difficulty or criticism that comes with it .Holding on requires you to not just keep doing it but to do it reasonably well .While at it you need to remember that something doesn’t necessary work the first time or the second time that you need to persevere in while giving it your all and best.

Albert Einsten once said ,”it’s not that i’m so smart ,it’s just that i stay with problems longer.”So just relax and know that there are a thousand things that have not been tried yet and what you are probably doing is one of them .

Back to my question the ant preserves to carry its harvest despite the difficulties it faces ;it may take a break for a while ,but then it goes back to it till it arrives at its destination.Persistence leads to the goal .


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