Small wins.

When was the last time you celebrated a win?

I want you to think about the number of wins you’ve made this year,since the month started or even the week that passed. Don’t tell me you can’t put a finger on any wins.

When I say win i mean something literally anything that you dedicated your time and energy in ensuring that it saw completion,it doesn’t have to be as big as graduating from campus with a fist class honours,or buying that house you’ve been wanting for the longest time now or even securing that well paying job everyone wants. Don’t get me wrong,the wins highlighted above are great wins I’m not trying to downplay any of them. But think about it this way,the wins will not happen over a day or a month or even in a year’s time,i mean logically speaking you have to go to school get that degree,if you lucky enough secure that job in let’s say two months time after graduation,save up so that you can buy that house,all I’m saying is it’s not a win you magically wake up to.

Does it mean that before you go through school,you don’t have wins to celebrate? of course no,we have to look for wins in everything we do,as small as it may seem,that’s a win that needs to be celebrated. I’m talking about; reading and actually finishing that book you picked up at the book store, opening a savings account to deposit as little as hundred shillings monthly,learning how to skate or swim, saying no to junk food because you are watching your diet,ticking an item off your bucket list,remember that time you took the high road? i bet it wasn’t easy but you did it anyways, that’s a win and I’m here to tell you you need to celebrate it.

We tend to set big goals, work so hard to hit and forget about the small ones that lead us to the ultimate goal. We have to train ourselves to celebrate the small wins we often go without recognizing. It’s from celebrating the small wins that we become more appreciative of the big wins we eventual make as life continues. I bet you now have a list of wins you’ve made over the past week,right? 😌

Moral of the story…..celebrate those small wins,as small as they are,you took your precious time and energy to see them through,that’s more than enough reason for you to celebrate them.


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