Face the problem.

What comes to mind when somebody tells you to face the problem head on?

Mostly we tend to say that it is easier said than done and we assume that the person saying it probably has no idea of what we are going through .
Facing the problem doesn’t just mean fixing the situation.First we have to accept that the problem exist.It might be that you have been missing your classes,arriving at work late ,been postponing your gym session;the list is endless,bottom line is that we have to accept the problem exists and take full responsibility for it.

Identify possible solutions of fixing the problem is always a good start ;and not just any solution but those that you can comfortably implement.For instance on postponing your gym sessions you can decide to include music into your work out routine to act as a motivator and while at it use your favorite playlist to set the mood for the work out session .

You have to now implement your most effective solution so as to fix the problem at hand.And you don’t need to feel pressured to fix the problem instantly,but do take it one day at a time.If its arriving at work on time simply make an effort of waking up abit early than before.You will find yourself setting a perfect momentum for the day since you will have planned your work schedule for the day ensuring a smooth work flow for that day.This will not only increase your productivity it will also make your work enjoyable and who doesn’t like that ?😌

You can always evaluate your solution by checking its effectiveness .Don’t fix the problem with something that will suck the fun out of everything since it will only worsen the problem by making you feel frustrated .Just be smart with your solution and if it doesn’t work it never hurts to try again ,am always for it since you never know till you try it.But when the problem is fixed you will feel as if a dark cloud has been lifted and there is hope.☺️


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