Thanks young.

When we look back and reflect on all things we have gone through we are left in awe by the fact that our younger self was courageous enough to withstand all that was brought his/her way .Its not just by life betrayals ,losses,failures but also by the good things that we labelled as bad while they were blessings in disguise .
Learning to love every part of youself is important but learning to accept your childhood fragility is one of our greatest treasures .(Sarah Jakes Roberts)It is in the innocence of our childhood that we learn about the goods and bads of life .The moment we are separated from the perfect state of warm union with our mother into a cold ,distressing state of separation does seem like a rough start to this living business.(The trauma of Birth 1924)The moment you put up that fighting spirit after being born that is when you embrace your victory at that tender age.
Many at times we tend to embrace the “bigger “victories at the expense of the small achievements we have had since we were young .It is that small achievement that lays foundation for the bigger achievements .It all starts when we are young ,the day you master the courage to answer a question in class is when you paved way for your confidence to blossom ;and it is that “small” achievement that has enabled you to stand infront of a crowd and share your ideas without the fear of being criticized .
We all have our beginnings and identfying how our early experiences, be it good or bad shaped us will bring out clarity in how we perceive alot of thing.Allow youself to thank the younger version of you and you will discover how he/she made you a survivor you are today .It is in your fragility that your value was discovered .Thank you for staying the course ,you’re safe now.😊

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