Sitting in the madness 🧘‍♀️.

We’ve all at one time been in a dark place trapped in our mind’s thoughts about an experience we wish never would have happened the way it did,let me bring it closer home,

Remember the last time you had a lot going on in your life? It could be anything that caused your mind running,your heart heavy,you probably felt like youweren’t going to see it through, right? Look at you now,you probably struggled to remember a case scenario like the one I’m trying to describe😂

What it means to sit in the madness is allowing yourself to go through whatever it is that is causing you distress,it may be struggling with accepting a new reality because something life changing just happened, you may be trying to figure out a way out of an addiction you’ve been struggling to get away from,a trauma you’ve been having for months now and everything in your life seems to be triggering you to anxiety coupled with a number of panic attacks, accepting the loss of someone you thought you’d have forever but they decided to call it quits with you.

Sitting in the madness allows you to be in the madness,i know,why on earth would i want to be in the madness when all i want to do is get up and be the bad ass i once was before shit happened?. But that is where we get it wrong,we are so quick to want out, that we don’t get the chance to be in the moment,feel whatever feelings we should be feeling,it’s even worse cause we hit ourselves with the “I’m good” and keep the smile shinning bright like our lives depend on it, but deep inside we wish the world would just explode and extinct the human race and everything in it.

Allowing yourself to be in the madness allows you to;

Feel the feelings,this is an important step to healing as it results to healing as a whole and not only parts of you. Sitting in the madness allows you to get angry,feel frustrated, feel the loss, the hurt, the sadness, the fears, the pain, all the feelings you name it.

See things with clarity. You get to develop an understanding of what the problem is,so she left because i was insecure,damn i gotta fix that for my sake,ooh walking at night alone triggers my anxiety,i gotta find company everytime i go out at night,my addiction for drugs won’t stop if i continue hanging out with friends that constantly engage in drugs,i have to find new friends,the list is endless.

How it makes you feel about yourself and those around you. This is important as you develop a positive mindset about yourself as a person and those around you. Just because jack thinks not doing cocaine isn’t cool doesn’t mean i should, I’ll find better ways to be cool.

What the possible solutions are,what the best solution is and what better way to go about healing from the pain. At this point you are ready to take over the world,you have allowed yourself to sulk in them feelings,developed a positive mindset about yourself and now you decide to build healthy walls to protect yourself from having to experience the pain again.

Baseline,. Eventually all things work themselves out,you gotta let time do what it does best,put things into place.


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