Be that friend

When was the last time you needed your friend’s love,support or comfort but you were unable to access it?It wasn’t that it was impossible but simply because they weren’t willing to cross the bridges you had once crossed for them ,which is ok.It is not easy and at times we feel like we can give up on friendships altogether since its meaning to us is not visible anymore.
But that’s when the realisation of what if i didn’t have to place that burden on my friends,that its okay for them to not be available when i need them.That its not a must our friend to attend our graduation ceremony ,post us on their timeline on our birthday,attend our baby shower or even miss our child’s first milestones .
We place so much pressure on our friends ,not first trying to understand their positions at the time we want them to be there for us.Your friend might have missed your graduation ceremony but sent you a congratulatory text which you ignored .You not wanting to understand that it might have taken them all they got to simply write that text.
Simply because our friends fail to reciprocate what we do for them does not mean we have to stick around till they do it .We have to be okay if it happens and okay if it doen’t .We have to step up and be the kind of friends we want to have and take it a notch higher by doing what we want our friends to do .
We have to learn to appreciate and value ourselves so high that even when another person devalues us,we don’t question or diminish our selfworth .Being that friend for yourself does not mean that we have to necessary ignore our friends presence in our lives ;but that we are willing to do anything and everything we desire our friend to do for us .That we learn to celebrate ourselves first before anybody else .
We have to learn to revel in our achievements and accomplishments .As we continue being mindful on how to treat our friends with kindness and compassion lets not forget to bring some of that warmth back to ourselves .Don’t be stingy with those warm and supportive words .Learn how to build a better relationship with yourself and be that friend you want first.
Evolve 🖤

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