Don’t discount now.

Often at times we fail fail to realize that our now qualifies us for our next. It is now that you teach your body to get accustomed to go after the tougher things by exerting your own muscles to be accustomed to it.

It is now that you envision your future and dream of it while awake, for all men dream at night but wake up to find out that it is only vanity;but when you dream during the day you act upon it and make it possible. Get in agreement with your now and you will accomplish things others that were impossible. Let your current situation make you so comfortable to work with the little you have knowing that it is more than enough for now.

Sometimes we think that we need to put our vision on pause till the right people or situations locate it;but no,we need to work with what we have now no matter how little it is. You never know the magnitude of what the right person may be requiring so as to straregize with you. It is our current situation that will facilitate our journey to our desired destinations.

It is now that you begin to grow and parts of you begin to take on a new form. You may not realize it at first but your muscles will begin to be exercised so that they can be strong for your future. This is the time that you will develop the discipline that will maintain you in your journey to pursue your goals and while at it don’t lose sight of what makes you unique. 😊

Let you now be fuel for your passion, be it in your physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual areas of your life. Everything that will redeem your future is at play now, it is who you are becoming now while waiting that will enable you to grow up. You are becoming strong to withstand the elements in your potential and be able to produce.

Savour every moment right now, it may not be easy but it will be fulfilling. Know that you are the person that controls what gets back to you by what you give out to the world. (Oprah Winfrey) Use your now to take inventory of what you do have instead of lamenting over what you don’t have. Not discount the little you have now.

Where you are right now may not be connected to where you will land; but where you are right now will serve you when you get to where you’re headed. (Sarah Jake’s Roberts) Let your now nurture your seed and cut through your fears and insecurities and begin to EVOLVE wildly into you.


Evolve. ✨

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