22 lessons learned from turning 22 years old.

1.No one prepares you for the changing lifestyle.

2.Educating yourself should never seize.

3.Its okay not to be okay.

4.Its all about the little actions (slow and steady wins the race).

5.All I got in my 20’s is time and energy.

6.Learning the difference between what I want and what I need is important.

7.My passion should feel like breathing, it should come out naturally.

8.Sticking with people who believe in my dream so much, so that when I feel like giving up; they remind me why I started it and what I was meant to be and why it is important to keep on my journey.

9.Letting social media to inspire me instead of trying to achieve the unreal expectations of a picture perfect existence.

10.Choosing friends who give me nutrition not addiction.

11.I only got one life and I have the power of changing it.

12.Being authentic. Not becoming faithful to an image i can’t maintain.

13.Learning to say no when it’s necessary.

14 Utilizing my time well. If you are like me and you follow the mantra of Caroline Mutuko then you know if it doesn’t make me happy, better or money I simply don’t make time for it.

15.Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, for all comfortable does is maintaining the status quo.

16.Stretching my body.

17.Balling on my budget. Simply living with my means.

18.Embracing failure and bouncing back.

19.Pain not only hurts but it teaches valuable lessons.

20.Cynics critize and winners analyze.

21.Learning the art of saving. Starting with what I have.

22.Letting God anchor my life.

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