Living intentionally.

When you wake up in the morning what’s the first thing you do,?

oh, i know,open your eyes,? 😂.

When i say open your eyes, I mean being given a new day to live, a chance to start again,a fresh start to explore your true self,an opportunity to make decisions again,probably correct all the bad ones you made before you fell asleep, a chance to meet new people, a chance to live life. What better way to “open your eyes” than with intentions,probably none.

Imagine if you woke up with intentions about living everyday of your life,how much will you have changed by now,? changed about how you interact with others,changed about the environment you allow yourself to be in, changed in the way you view life ideologies, how you view yourself as a person, as a friend,as a romantic partner, as a work colleuge etc, how much change you would have inspired in others to live everyday intentionally,,,my answer to this question would be,,,i set the day’s intentions.

Living life with intentions makes you live a fulfilled life because you are living everyday with a purpose. You make sure no day goes by without you having something to live for the day after. Living intentionally allows you to embrace life with all it’s madness,because you know that some days will be rocky,some will be beautiful. Living intentionally will motivate you to live your best life,you will want to have certain things surrounding you,be it people you care deeply about,career goals you are chasing, building mutually benefiting relationships with people you meet, you will strive to evolve into the person you so long hope to be,you will be more patient with the person you are because you are trusting your evolution process.

When you live life with intentions that are true,you live a collected life because you know what works for you and what does not just cut it. If your intentions are to keep your career growing,you will not want to waste time doing things that don’t promote this intention,that means you will plan for everything you do in relation to ensuring your career takes off to where you want it to be. If your intention is to be happy in life,you will only align yourself with what brings you happiness, if my intention is to redefine myself,I’ll keep learning and relearning ideas i have that don’t promote my being re-defined,if my intention is to have true friends,i will work towards building tight relationships with my friends and making it known to them,,,

There is so much peace that comes with knowing that you lived a day with intentions,because even if things don’t turn out as i had hoped for, i won’t knock myself out thinking about what might have been.

Tomorrow as we open our eyes,i challenge us to open them with intentions,pure intentions as we work on evolving wildly into ourselves.


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