“Grit is passion and perseverance for very long term goals, ”says American psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth .Grit is an important aspect in ones success .Its mostly argued that one cannot succeed without grit even when the person is naturally smart and talented .Without grit ,talent may be nothing more than unmet potential .Now lets dive into why grit is essential for transforming your life and career and how you can develop it.
First you have to develop resilience (the ability to bounce back from adversity). To simply continuously improve. Grit is the engine that moves us toward our goal. Resilience is the oil that keeps the engine moving.By becoming more deliberate in your efforts and adapting well in the face of adversity,trauma ,tragedy ,threats etc. As you develop resilience learn to start with the smallest component that relates to the longer, long -term goal. As Walt Disney famously said,” we keep moving forward, opening new doors ,and doing new things because we are curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.
Once we realize that we have control over the way we think about our obstacles we have the power to find opportunities in the midst of our adversity. Grit requires an intrinsic desire to go beyond what can easily be accomplished with talent or skill. For many people are resilient, what stands in the way often becomes the way .A set back is not looked at as an opportunity to improve themselves; instead , it unfolds as their new path regardless of whether it takes them where they want to go . Use your adversity to grow and improve yourself through the lessons you learn as James Loehr puts it ,”stress ( in moderation ) is not the enemy in our life , paradoxically , it’s the key to growth .”
Perseverance to keep going when things get tough. Many people look at failure, instead ,look at your failure as fertile training ground for future improvement. Learn to develop focus in everything and embrace your time in trenches. Openly identifying your failures will help you in identifying the lessons learnt.
Grit; The power of passion and perseverance .

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