The saving thought.

Often we tend to think that everything will fall into place with time, but do we ever think of what will happen if it doesn’t?
We all are undergoing something that cripples us in one way or another. That despite of all our wins it tends to put us down in a way we can‘t control it. Its like a thorn on a blooming flower no matter how much we try to flourish it always manages to prick us and oozes the happiness from our system. The bleeding continues until we can’t bare losing anymore; that’s when we face the bull by its horns, cause how much can one person take?
The realization of what you are losing awakens you to take control of your situation. When you realize that the end of it could be the beginning of something new unfolding in your life. That accepting that one flaw that you think limits you is all it takes for your sanity to be restored. At first it will seem impossible but when you master the courage to face it, you will see clarity in everything.
At the end of the day you will have to think about your saving thought; that one thought that will accelerate your growth despite it being blocked for long. We can’t live in the shade of fear forever we have to reclaim what was ours before we let it slip from our hands again. Get your passion back, start believing again, start hoping again and start dreaming again.

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