Do’s to healthy friendships.

DO’s to healthy friendships.
Making friends as an adult may seem difficult because we are focused on getting things done to the very least try and hit life goals which we set for ourselves. Maintaining the connections is still another topic of discussion which begs today’s post. More like the do’s of healthy (adult) friendships.
~ Healthy communication.
Even as busy as we may be we need to find time to keep in touch with those we consider friends. Just like any other relationships, communication is key in keeping the bonds alive and healthy. Communication doesn’t have to be only checking up on friends but also the way we express ourselves to them when we feel like our boundaries have been crossed,or when we feel our efforts are not reciprocated back to us. We need to work on the way we put information across without being misunderstood. Your friends don’t read minds,speak up.
~Being accessible.
By this i mean not shunning your friends away when you have something either good or bad happening in your life. Let’s take an example,you get into a relationship and decide you don’t need your friends no more, you are always busy with your partner and hardly available for your friends,okay brother we see you,happy and glowing until she decides to take the L now you need your friends? I don’t know maybe they moved to another city while you was booed up with yo gurl,guess who just got played,,,or let’s say you going though a hard time maybe lost a close relative and you blocking your phone so that none of your friends can get to you. Fine you don’t have to talk about it,just let us know you not in the right head space to talk about it,let us know you will reach out whenever you ready. Allow yourself to be available if not accessible to your friends.
~ Understand your friends love language.
I know,love language really?,yeeeesssss. Even friendships should have expressions of love. I mean what are friendships without love?. It’s important that we get to know and understand our friends love language that way they feel loved and appreciated. Is it gifts, creating time to spend time together,is it words of affirmation?, Etcetera etcetera. Getting to know this will allow you to tap into your friend’s emotions of being loved and valued.
~ Support.
This is a very critical base for friendships. Friends form a support base that keep us motivated, bold and confident enough to test new waters. We become more confident because we are assured of a secure base we can always fall back to when things go in a way we did not for see. Support is expressed in different ways but not all work for all people,in different situations. In the good and bad times,we need to be there for our friends cheering for them to grow or motivating them to get back on their feet.

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