It’s not once or twice you’ve seen a post on social media,or heard a friend talking about zero expectations. From the ones I’ve seen and listened to, i was able to pick the notion that we should try our very best not to expect,or have expectations on the different people in our lives,reason being avoiding being disappointed when they don’t meet these expectations. Not to sound contentious, but is it really possible to not expect people playing various roles in our lives to meet certain expectations. I am from a different school of thought, one that believes in the impossible existence of a world of no expectations.
Imagine living in a world where everyone goes about life without having expectations on anyone. I’m talking about parenting where the children are raised not to expect anything from their parents that includes and not limited to material,emotional, psychological needs of their children, families where siblings are not expected to look out for each other because live without expectations,friends not expecting their friends to show up to their milestones celebrations because we are not expecting anything from anyone, citizens not expecting the government to deliver what they promised to,reason being zero expectations. A world where employees only report to work when they feel like it because their bosses do not have any expectations on them whatsoever.
I don’t know about you but this to me looks and sound like a world that needs fixing, if it ever gets even the slightest chance of being in existence. It feels sad,lost,disfunctional, and most importantly non existent. I’d however love to live in one where my boss has no expectations on me provided my salary comes running to me every end month. But let’s face it,that will only happen in a world of my own imagination,a world that lives and only exists in my head, probably when i go to sleep.
Human beings are social beings, sociology has taught me that over and over again. This means it’s impossible for a human being,(let me add, a normal human being, incase you doubt i wonder where you fall😌) to live without socializing with other beings. In the process we create bonds and different relationships which come with different roles and expectations attached to holding various positions in someone’s life. Take for example a relationship formed between a wife and her husband, you will not convince me that the relationship will be mutually benefiting,when the man does not expect the wife and vice versa to behave in a certain way,with regards to them being husband and wife. It’s almost automatic to have certain expectations on each other. The same applies to all other human-human relationships,be it formal or informal. I don’t know about you but i expect a list of things from my work mates,same goes for family members and relatives etc.
All what I’m saying is for as long as we are playing or other people are playing various roles and holding various titles in our lives,it’s impossible to not have expectations on them. I mean why do you title them your friends when they can’t be there when you need them, maybe you should take that title away,then and only then are you allowed to not have expectations on them,cuz what’s your relationship with them?
I’m not oblivious of the fact that expectations hurt, they do,but only when they aren’t met. This happens when we put them on people we should not. The solution is not in not expecting but on placing expectations on the right people,also remember,they are human beings,they will fall short,so will you.
Baseline,whether we accept it or not,the expectations will always be there.

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