Own your happiness.

Often at times we tend to let people own our joy instead of us being incharge of it.In as much as we may care for our families or friends we have to let them own their happiness and stop being cluthes to their happiness.We downplay the fact that people can find their way through their own storms that we don’t need to necessary shelter them from the storm. It is only when we let others to find their way to their happiness that we realize that they never needed us in the first place;but that we paused our happiness for their sake while all along they could have managed without our help.At times we have to stop letting people shelter us all the time but learn how to navigate through our storms as it is taking its course.
I know we all crave that inner touch with ourselves so as to easily detect and deal with our emotions .Owning your happiness does not mean you are selfish but that you are no longer willing to allow what is not aligning with you to take space in your life.Happiness comes from gratitude for the simple things, and you rediscover that joy in stillness.

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