Make everyday a Friday.

Have you ever wondered why most people tend to have this bundle of joy on Friday ?Well,am here to unveil that for you so enjoy the ride .
As humans we tend to associate our happiness with something or somebody,which shouldn’t be the case as we should be happy all the time. Happiness is something you decide ahead of time despite it being on a Monday or a Friday.(yes I have said it ,Monday!)We tend to associate our Monday’s with being tired and dragged to our respective destinations be it work or school.
It’s not that Friday is a special day it’s just that we tend to view it as the ending of something tiring in our lives,for instance it’s marks the beginning of a weekend for most,end of a week’s hustle and to some resting etc.Its not that this ain’t true but the fact that we choose to tie so much to a particular day ,has to do with our attitude on that day .
Instead of waking up feeling stressed that’s it’s on a Monday just dragging yourself throughout the day,wake up feeling reenergized,bubbling with happiness and manifesting it to be a great day.Choose something to associate your day with instead of the normal Fantastic Friday come up with your own TT(terrific Tuesday). The scriptures also says,this is the day the Lord has made,I will rejoice and be glad in it,not that this is the Friday the Lord has made.So irrespective of the day choose happiness and let that be your mantra in life .

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