How often do you put your digital devices down ? By this I mean phones,laptops,tv etc.Or how often do you choose to step aside from social media and focus on your present ?
With the recent crashing of What’s App, Instagram and Facebook for a few hours most people were forced to take a break from social media and got to experience the beauty of what surrounds them.We were all forced to to put off our online communications and more of verbal ,face to face communication replaced it.It was at this time that we got to see the beauty of having a family dinner while telling one another how our day was,
The crashing had it’s bad effects but what it revealed to most is that there was so much going on for us outside our social media .It made us take time to smell the flowers instead of just plucking them.It revealed how much we compared our everyday lives with people on social media instead of us challenging ourselves to be better .
In no any way am I saying that social media is the root of our problems,all am saying is that if we choose to disconnect a little from the chains of social media;we will discover more about ourselves .Instead of scrolling through Instagram looking for that dopamine hit again through likes;why not take a break from it and instead take a walk,meet up with an old friend ,read that book that you have been yearning to,watch that series or even finish that line you left hanging,while at it create a dope playlist ,it goes along way .
Social media has really aided in easing our communication,creating job opportunities ,giving readily available information etc.In all it’s glory it has also made some of us loose touch with ourselves.Bottomline let’s try to minimize our reliance on digital technology.Instead make purposeful and well intentioned use of your digital devices instead of impulsive usage .
Evolve 🖤

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