We mostly view failure as a negative thing,when infact its only through failure we are enabled to strike new paths .Often at times we tend to think of success as a path that is well known ,which is not .Most people tend to think of failure as fatal ,when its an opportunity to more intelligently begin again.

Failure is only an incident ,which tends to cripple most people on their different walks of life,which shouldn’t be the case .Accepting failure as an incident that builds and exposes you to a different version of you,which is not afraid to begin again.The power of failure is that it allows you to know the different paths you shouldn’t travel after travelling them.

I love to view failure as an opportunity to do it again, only that this time I will have the knowledge of what I shouldn’t do.We cannot discover new oceans unless we have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

Through failure we also become persistent in that which we want.
We shouldn’t be so afraid of fear that we refuse to try.Instead we should be forced to take our game to the next level ,by digging deeper into our training ground .This also exercises our ability to persevere in difficulties,hence you learn to exert your own muscles.
Failure is there to point you in a different direction .It’s Gods way of telling you ,you are moving in the wrong direction .We have the potential to gain alot when we keep on trying despite numerous failures ,instead of slacking of after the first failed attempt.

When we let failure inspire us instead of leading us to despair ,we will enter into environments where greater expectations are the norm and becoming better is the organic rhythm that leads our lives.
When you come to the realization that failure is a blessing in disguise ,you will acquire a new level of confidence ,momentum and boldness to face what lies ahead.

Evolve 🖤

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