The cure for LONELINESS is not COMPANY.

There comes a time when we all want to disappear for a while ,not that we don’t want to exist simply that we want to rediscover ourselves or even refill what we have poured out . Most people misinterpret this with being lonely while its not , since its just you wanting to be alone . Which is absolutely okay. In my quest to understand loneliness and being alone , I got a listen in to pastor Jerry Flowers view on , The cure of loneliness is not company, its calling . So for todays post I will feature some of the insights I got from him. Many times loneliness shows up when our calling has not been discovered .Loneliness is the lack of a call being answered .Lack of fulfillment or tension in your soul, that knowing in your soul that you cant shake, it is like you are in an alarm that keep on blurring ,why am I here?
Jesus also sought solitude. Loneliness is not just the absence of people, but rather it’s the absence of gratitude and purpose, which is the absence of meaning .Loneliness can show up when the service principle is being violated ,when all you do is work work. No time for yourself , no recreation ,no leisure is only when a pandemic happens like being quarantined or something changes you regular schedule or lifestyle. That causes loneliness to show up in your living room with a cup of coffee ,look at you squarely in the face and say I am still here.
Jesus sought out solitude to be refilled because purpose requires you to pour and you cannot pour when you are not filled . When you seek solitude because of purpose, its rejuvenating to be alone .What we have to ask ourselves is ,what am I pouring ?Am I pouring out peace ,my joy, my time ,my problem to someone who is draining . There has to come a time when we will need to ask ourselves how long will we keep blaming them for draining us ,when it is us who keep on giving them the straw .loneliness and being alone are two different things ,when you are alone you have learnt to play out your solo ,when you are lonely you don’t want to even play your solo because you want a duet.

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