You’re your greatest assest .

We are all familiar with the concept of investing money ,but do you invest in yourself…you,the business of you?
Oftenly we invest out time and resources on other things and people and forget about ourselves.All that money that you thought you should be putting in a certain business ,you should be putting it in yourself .Am not at all advocating for you to not invest,all am saying is that before investing in that business for instance you can take up a class in alignment with what you wish to invest in .
The sooner you realize that you are your biggest investment ,the more time you’ll have to create the life you want.We tend to think that our businesses,jobs or even children are our biggest invesents ,which sadly is not .Careers today are often not so much a job,but an acquiring of skills as assets that allow us to work in whatever area of our endeavour that we enjoy .No wonder people will pay you good money to be yourself ,if you’re constantly putting in the work to be the best at your craft .
I know you are now wondering ,how and when do I start to inveset in myself,well I will tell you how.First start by digging deep and be honest with yourself;analyze where you are now and where you want to be.It is through this that you will get to design an individual pathway tailored especially for ,by you.It is also through it that you will get to see what you had been investing your time and resources in and adjust accordingly.
Secondly you can take a blank sheet of paper :I)Make a list of things that make you happy .
Ii) Make a list of things you do everyday .
iii) Compare the lists.
iv) Adjust accordingly.
At times it’s not only being productive that helps you to deliver but also enjoying undertaking your tasks .When you adjust what you do to be in alignment with what will make you to be the best version of you ,you will not only be investing in yourself but you will also attract other people to invest their money and time in you .
Thirdly learn to believe in yourself inspite of the problems in your life,have confidence that the answers lie within you .Reassure yourself that even if there are gaps in your knowledge along the way,you have the means at your fingertips to find all the answers .
Lastly enrich yourself through learning and growing your skills ,knowledge , experience and understanding .The greater the assest you will be to yourself ,your life and others .You are either an assest to yourself or a liability .Become your greatest assest ,invest in yourself .
Invest in yourself ,build yourself ,take care of your mental health (can’t emphasis this enough )eat well ,sleep well and excercise well .Self investment is unlike other investments ,nobody can tax it from you .”Anything you invest in yourself ,you get back tenfold .” Warren Buffett .

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