The end or the beginning.

Ending the year in stlye ,huh! As most people like to say it .I would like to think that there is no specific way that you can say it’s the right one to end the year.Some will say partying out loud ,having a family reunion or even attending a religious ceremony ;is the right way to the end ,is it? Regardless of how you end your year knowing that you were able to fulfill that years resolutions might be what make it’s ending worth while.
For a person who has dealt with a handful of things this year saying I overcame would be an understatement.Being raised in a society that values the monetary things more than the intangible ones tends to affect ones priorities .As we end the year I would like us to focus more on our “little wins” other than those “big wins ” we thought are what shaped us.Instead of downplaying the little achievemens we make everyday ,we should learn to view them as stepping stones to our big achievements .
As we end this year let us not just focus on what we didn’t achieve but focus on the fact that we are one step closer to what we wanted .The fact that you completed your college or university and the world didn’t welcome you to your new phase of life with open arms does not make your skills irrelevant; rather it’s at this time you learn how to cultivate your values like patience and gratitude for what you have .Learn to trust the process ,as its now you are evolving into a version of you that will be able to take in what the new year has to offer .
The way I view the beginning of something new in my life be it a day,week,month ,year,job,relationships etc ,as me being given another opportunity to do what I was unable to do and even do it better or even do more . I know it’s easier said than done,but you can’t go beating yourself up for not achieving a particular goal ,cut yourself some slack and try it again .Navigating through a world with alot of competition in almost everything can be tiring , especially when you have given it your all but it seems like it’s not enough .Am here to tell you hun you have tried and you got this .You got another year coming your way to do better and amazing things .
Is there any set number of achievements we are to accomplish in a particular year ? definitely yes ,we ain’t just here navigating life with no purpose.But how much is to much ?Hmmm!What am driving at here is,are you doing just the bare minimum,pushing yourself to do the very best or are you being too hard on yourself by setting unreasonable goals.? As one who is guilty of biting too much ,I can tell you that this does more harm to you than good.We cannot end the year lamenting on what we were unable to achieve because it was too much for us ,rather if we set goals that are in alignment with the growth we want to undertake ; even when we don’t achieve all the things we wanted atleast we know we will be one step closer to what we want .
Endings should not just be about what we have lost along the way,instead we should view endings as reaching the end of what we already know .We can now embrace the beginning of what we now sense .”Our lives have ebbs and flows .Ends and beginnings are illusions .Starting over is nothing more than recognizing the pause and picking up your thread and continuing to weave your own story .” Molly M. Cantrell-Kraig.
Happy holidays.

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