The Quest For Power.

Power. A five letter word that opens doors to other biiiiig words like respect, wealth, class,success,control,access, fame,better health care,you name it. A big part of the past and modern day society. We can not just ignore this element as a part of our day to day life because whether you like it or not,a reminder of how powerless you are in certain areas will find a way of circling back to you. At home,at school,at work,at the mall,on the road, because there will be someone who calls the shots and it ain’t you. Well there’s the power we have,the one within us,but ain’t talking about that one,for today.

Today I took time to think about power from as low as in a family setting to as high as country level. At home? Yes think about the power arrangements in your own family set up. Society has socialized us to know the man is the head,head means power. Because he provides for the family,protects etc,what happens when the woman becomes the provider? I’m thinking a change in the power dynamics,she takes up head,the man becomes neck or is it ears? I do not know for sure. Since society doesn’t think of this as a possibility,the woman is said to have grown” horns”or the man is henpecked by the wife. People talk eventual the man gets tired,his ego and pride can’t take it. Guess what,trouble starts. He demands the wife to quit her job to stay home take care of family,she refuses,they have a number of recurring issues and eventually they divorce because the environment becomes toxic for both of them. Power.

At work, I have heard of people that had to fuck their way to the top,some trash talked others out of promotions they themselves never got to have,some bribed their way to the top,all others had to do is know someone “important”. All in the search for a higher pay,a higher position,more gains,a quest for Power.

Let’s climb high the ladder. At country level. Government offices that come with power associated with them. I’m talking Governor,Senator,Member of Parliament seats etc. All screaming power, because why not. Think about stories you’ve heard about what it actually took for some political leaders to get elected for the seats they have. I’ve heard about,buying voters,corrupting their ways into being elected,some it’s said have used mystical powers from who knows where, others gone to the extent of bullying opponents to step down or threatening to cause them harm. All portraying the extent to which one is willing to go to so as to acquire power.

To what extent are you willing to go to get you some power? There is a saying that goes,you really don’t know until you know. I think there is some truth to it. I’ve heard of people who did things they never in a million years though they’d do,all for power. Personally I do not know,so,I’ll wait it out to see. I hope I don’t get to disappoint myself when I look back at this writing. I know for sure i will not kill somebody but if all it takes for me to do is wink at the right person,honey I be winking all day. Gerrit? How morally “upright” one is,can be an influence when making this kind of decision. Of course holding all other factors constant. It all boils down to who you are,what you think of yourself to be and to what extent you are willing to go to, all in the name of power.

But then again,must we play devil’s advocate to get ourselves in places or positions of power?, I hope not. There has to be genuine and true ways of becoming powerful in our society. If not maybe it’s time we adjusted the perks that come with being powerful. Think about it,the perks are so many to simply turn a blind eye,but is it really possible?, Maybe no, or maybe the solution is for us to tap into our human nature of empathy and apathy. By we i mean everyone in our society. Teach,train and practice integrity from our homes,to school,work, literally everywhere power resides. Teach our young ones and portray integrity for them to identify with,so that when the time comes,they get to make better choices in their quest for Power. Power is good and it doesn’t have to be acquired using unfair means. We gotta do better as a society. We are society,you and me.


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