It’s that time of the year!Y’ll guessed it right ,new year .There is always something fun about new beginnings and that is what new year serves .What is always followed by new year isresolutions! cliche,right? Personally I think resolutions are great if one exercises them .
How many new year resolutions do you really end up keeping?We all can confidently say that we have made new resolutions in the past few years ,but how many did we really fulfill?Ponder on that.
We can all say that setting new year resolutions is an easy thing the problem comes in trying to implement them,for instance how many of you feasted merrily on December and skipped their gym sessions all in the name of ,i shall detox next year .Mostly properly a good number of us,since the year is here with us, have we taken that step of incorporating that healthy lifestyle into our live?be honest .
We all set this new year resolutions ;working on our spirituality, eating healthier ,spending more time with family and friends ,being aware and taking care of our mental health ,sorting out finances and cutting back spending , travelling more ,taking up a new hobby ,sport or other interest the list goes on.Honestly speaking how much would we progress if we became more intentional in implementing our new year resolutions,alot.
Not everybody is able to follow up themselves in achieving all that we set,at times we tend to say we have got the whole year to achieve them which is always not the case .That is where procrastination sets in ,since we tend to think that we have the whole year to achieve and we end up wasting alot of our time on things we didn’t intend to do.
For this year let’s do something different ,instead let’s pick one goal and three non negotiables and work on them every single day and month .Non negotiable like reading for thirty minutes daily ,listening to a podcast ,going for a jog,learning from you tube,journaling and phone detox ;0ne hour after waking up and before sleeping ,keep your phone across the room for your alarm so you don’t have to look at it before bed .
I feel setting this and focusing on your month as opposed to the whole year is so much more rewarding .Everyone has the typical read five to ten books a year ,what if you made it simple by reading a chapter daily ?Then two chapters and so on.While at it let’s continue cutting people off!😂😂It’s new year for crying out loud,that friend ,colleague,relative or spouse who has been serving all the negative vibes I assure you it’s time to drop them and everyone who would rather not progress as opposed to working on themselves .Equalize the energy .
This way by the end of December you will have rounded who you are even more than feeling you lost sight of what you wanted .
Happy new year loves ,let’s make this one count .
Love,Evolve .

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