Write down your goals.

Growing up I was constantly reminded that I am the author of my future ,something I didn’t pay attention to till later.To me it was something I didn’t comprehend the way I was supposed to ,untill a few years later that it all made sense to me.
We often ask ourselves ,what is the need of writing them since we have the option of keeping them at the back of our minds .Well,I have learnt that when you write about what you desire you live your story .The act of writing them down raises the probability of them being achieved .When you write down your goals ,you turn your intentions into something tangible .It helps you to define them in detail and in turn this helps you to stay focused so you don’t lose your way.
Where then should you write your goals?Definetly I know most of us is onscreen ,cliche I know.But the act of writing down your goals on paper ,rather onscreen ,creates what I like to think is a magical impression on your mind..That when you re-read these goals ,in your own handwriting ,this impression on the mind deepens ,giving greater force to your goals .
What then should you consider when writing these goals down?
i).Being honest .Write them down exactly as you wish them .Don’t restrict yourself or write them in a way that you think is ‘right ‘ .If you have big goals ,that’s fine .Thinking big means you’re open to receiving big.
Ii).Writing them in the present tense .As if you have already accomplished them ,such as ,”I am a great writer ,”(if that’s what you want to become).Your subconscious mind will choose the path of least resistance in order to manifest your goals .
iii). Making them positive .Focus on what you want ,not what you don’t want.Keep the good vibes flowing .
iv).Writing them in your own voice. Exactly how you’d say them .No need for fancy language ,since the goals are to be understood by you and you alone.Write them in a way that you connect with easily ;you shouldn’t try to translate them in your head .
iv).Being specific .Write down as many details as you can .The clearer the goal the clearer the outcome . Remember the subconscious mind is working from a set of instructions and the outcome can only be as good as the instructions provided .
iv).Timeframe .If possible write your goals without a timeframe in mind . Otherwise when the goal doesn’t manifest when you expect it to,you might be disheartened and become doubtful ,which lowers your vibration and pushes your goal further away. However if you are someone who is motivated by pressure ,a deadline might help you to go into action .It’s your call;if a timeframe would be helpful ,include one ,if not don’t.
Lastly set goals you are confident about. The best way to build confidence is to start with smaller goals. Once you manifest them ,you’ll be confident about bigger goals manifesting too Once you’ve identified and written down your goals ,say them out loud every day .If you need to make small adjustments to them ,then do so .However , changing them drastically and frequently is almost like planting a new seed each time ,so keep that in mind You need to know what you want .

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