Valentine’s the single way.

“The month of love,”as most people like to call it ,is here with us.February 14th a day that excites some poeple while others find it dreadful ,especially the the single poeple ,let’s face it .
The origin of valentine day is pretty obscure ,the historical roots of the celebration still remain ambiguous .However over the years it has been made a day to celebrate our loved ones,be it our spouses ,parents ,friends or even relatives .More emphasis on celebrating our lovers has been the reason for the season for most people .
But who said we can’t demistify that?Let’s not buy into the idea that you need another person to be happy moreso to make V-day a blast !I can attest to that feeling one gets when you are single and you happen to see couples celebrating one another,it’s not from a place of hate but purely from the lack of it ,clearly no one would hate being in a fulfilling relationship .Or would you ?
For this valentine we are surely not going to wallow in self pity ,gone are those days .Let’s dive into some exciting things to do over the V- day for my single ladies .
i ).Plan a galentines day.What better way to spend your day than with your girls,you can go out for brunch ,visit that new restaurant you have been dying to,go out for a hike ,enjoy some cocktail and wind up the day with a glass of wine while you have those deep conversations with them.
ii).Take a fun class .With the multiple online classes being offered ,you can just take one in line with what you love,be it photography ,writing ,editing,drawing etc As long as you enjoy it and learn as you have fun ,do it sis!
iii).Get some retail therapy .Who says you can’t gift yourself that new perfume you have been eyeing for a long time ,buy clothes or even your make up essentials It’s your day love,show no apology about it and in the words of Ariana Grande,”I want it?I got it ,periodt!
iv).Focus on your new year goals . Valentine happens to be on February which is still pretty early in the year.Instead of sobbing already of how you got no roses,chocolate or wine delivered to you ;go through you new year resolutions and find something you haven’t yet done and do it.Maybe travelling ,sis pack those bags and explore !
v).Have a sexy photo shoot .Who says it’s only couples who do photoshoots on V day. Girl buy that lingerie and have a sultry photoshoot .You don’t have to necessarily post them but to simply remind yourself how freaking hot you are .
v).Have a regular day.As impossible as it may sound it’s totally possible ,just switch off your focus that is V day and go on with you regular schedule for the day.If you are in school,attend that class or you are working just report to work and keep away from that irritating colleague .
iv).Write yourself a love letter .Just simply celebrate you and the progress you have continued to make in your life .Talk about the future that you anticipate for yourself .Isn’t it the perfect time to fall in love with yourself!
vi). Hibernate..Who doesn’t need a good rest anyway .With all the burn out and stress from your your everyday life and school and balancing your platonic friendships ,you are likely in need of a resy anyway .For sure ,it’s one good way to recharge .
Lastly remember that being single isn’t the worst thing ,take that energy and spin it into something positive to help those less fortunate .
Happy Valentines loves.🖤

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