Just do it

Who doesn’t always love that spicy and victorious ending ?I guessed it right ,we all do if not all I definetly do .When you have one of those days that you don’t feel like doing anything,simply wanting to just lay there ,chill for a moment with no disturbance from a single soul ,but guess what time is the one thing that will make you snap out of it as quickly as you had gotten to it .
When we start something our end goal is always to accomplish it .However nobody prepares you for that journey ,you may read about it ,get all the expertise on it to be able to tackle the challenges that you may face along the way ,but still you will require more than that ,which is to keep on being consistent in the face of all that .
Recently I have been lagging behind in a couple of projects I have been undertaking by simply putting off the work involved in them .I would love to name a couple of them but today I will name just one habit I had come to adopt as my way of life but am slowly losing that habit .
Being a person who finds comfort in books and a lover of travelling to different places through other people’s imagination ,I can say I have been doing an injustice to myself .So I have a daily routine of setting an hour daily for reading books ,be it fictional or non fictional ,mostly I will read two or three books at a go; something I have grown to enjoy and learn alot from .I will take about thirty minutes to read a chapter or two depending on the book and then reading another book in the evening before I go to bed .
Lately I have been struggling with this and it’s not that am lacking time it’s just that I am so good in coming up with the excuses when I don’t want to do so ething ,but comeon guys we all are !This is something that happens to a majority of people if not all;you will plan something and layout the plan and start executing it ,but somewhere in between the drive just dies ,some people are able to persevere through it while others cannot .
Consistency isn’t just about the sheer determination of doing something but the commitment to see it through till you accomplish your goal .That even when the odds are against you ,you still find a way to strive and thrive .Me being consistent in reading books is to ensure that I hit the target of the books I intend to read this year.
We start easing up to a life where we don’t meet deadlines or achieve any goal for that particular day .We suddenly stop pushing ourselves in achieving our daily goals .Not knowing that ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship .Why not start those daily habits and watch yourself grow into these habits that they will become your daily habits as you progress .
So keep growing ,learning and improving ,and remember without commitment you will never start and without consistency you will never finish .

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