Navigating new realities

Every time I find myself thinking about what analogy would best describe life for me, I tend to think about a journey. A really long journey into the unknown, a journey to self discovery, a journey of growth, a journey of frustrating moments, a journey of winning and losing. I think life is designed to be lived as a journey because we really don’t know what will happen once we start a journey. Yes we may have certain expectations like getting there early, safe and sound but all these are just but expectations, out of our control. We may have the map of where it is we want to go or where our destination is going to be, but real talk, how much can we foresee is going to happen in between the journey, from the moment we set off up untill the time we reach the destination?

Yes we can think about possibilities like, it might rain because the weather forecast predicts a 60% chance of rain, but who knows it might be the hottest day with no sign of rain, or we might get there at around four past midnight then arrive earlier or much later maybe because a number of people decided they were going to buy personal cars, adding to the traffic, all showing that you might think or predict occurrence of a certain thing only to end up with a completely different outcome, one you probably did not expect, not forgetting completely out of your control.

Now think about life as a journey.

You were born, obviously, that’s the beginning of your journey, you know the destination, right? death? You got that right. Just like a journey you start and you finish. The in between occurrences of Life, how much of that can we really control and how much can you foresee?

Thinking about life as a journey has given me an understanding of how important it is to not being too rigid. Rigid in my thinking,rigid in my world views, rigid in my expectations. Yes you’ve probably lived life by the given handbook about working hard to get that dream life, about being a good,decent human being you are smiling more,picking up random conversations with strangers,being present in the life of people you care about, I mean damn you even support clean environment programs all in the name of creating a sustainable planet. You don’t see what you’ve done wrong. Your karma has to be the good karma, but somehow, things aren’t working out right for you.
All this you probably haven’t foreseen. You got laid off after a year of being employed, or you lost a loved one to a disease you thought they were going to heal from because when you saw them yesterday they were doing fine so how exactly did zero get to a hundred so fast? You’ve been waiting for a fulfilling job because you’ve been feeling miserable everyday having to attend the one you currently have, you have dropped like a hundred applications to different organizations for the past month and not even one has reached out to let you know you didn’t make the cut of those shortlisted.

You are tired of trying and given up all hope. Now you feel stuck.
I believe being stuck is an illusion. It’s all in our minds. Just because you don’t see a door doesn’t mean you can’t create a door. As deluded as it sounds, there is always something you can do about everything. Maybe you have been looking at things all wrong, or maybe the universe is planning something great even you aren’t ready for, maybe going down that road will lead you down a tunnel of darkness, you’ll almost feel dead. Look outside what you know, learn to be present,take each day as it comes because life’s a journey a journey into the unknown. Being too rigid when dealing with predictions or expectations doesn’t sound wise, honestly.

For all we know maybe the time isn’t today, maybe the time for that promotion is next month, or healing is going to come a year or two down the line, that dream job might be the new years blessing the spiritual realm has been preparing you to get, maybe you needed to fail your exams for you to realize how much excelling means to you,that business venture had to sink for you to start thinking of a multi million business venture. Maybe you have to work those funny jobs even with all your academic qualifications because the universe is trying to prepare you for a better experience that will require certain skills and a mindsets you will only gain as a result of working those jobs. That disease might be an experience to teach you a thing or two about patience,about believing, about faith, a near death experience so that you can value life more by being present and in tune with yourself. The positive spin of life’s surprises? Yeah that shit is real. You just have to allow yourself to believe it.

That is life, our today may not be our tomorrow, no matter how hard we prepare for it today. Read that again. I might be doing everything right today only to end up in a completely different place tomorrow. The ultimate question is, I’m I willing to listen to what the universe is telling me, I’m i ready to learn whatever I am meant to learn from this reality, am I getting the most out of this experience I’m living now? All questions only I can answer. A lot of things hardly make sense at the moment but as time goes by, and we reflect down memory lane, things start putting themselves in order, suddenly we understand the significance of that win, that loss, those sleepless nights, the hopelessness, the uncertainty all that starts making sense. Let’s give time time. Time to do what it does best which is to put things into place.

I hope we choose to listen, be ready to learn and most importantly allow ourselves to get the most out of the new realities that unfold as we journey through life.


#journey through redefinition.

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