Sometimes we’re to rigid to let ourselves evolve ;in the essence that we want to continue doing what we only feel and think we are skilled in ,while failing to understand that there is more to us other than what we have discovered .We get to comfortable at times in a place that we think will quench our desires for the more we want from life .We go about life thinking that we need to do things in a particular way in order for us to succeed,thus we limit ourselves in one place by failing to welcome change .
Change is the only constant thing in life and we are never too old or to experienced to learn something new.I think one of the best gifts I have given myself is believing in myself ,that I have everything to be able to be and achieve my dreams .Making a choice probably has to be one of the hardest decisions we make in our everyday life depending on what we are choosing . The choices we make can have good and bad consequences,but is that supposed to stop us from pursuing what sets our soul on fire ,hell no!
Often at times people will not understand why we make the choices we make , but don’t let that stop you . Let your dreams fly ,give them wings be who you want to be just by being fearless .We often fail to realize that the opportunities don’t come often as we would like them to.At times there is even no plan ,it’s always more like the universe guiding you to this opportunities and all you have to do is recognize them and make sure you work hard ;so as to squeeze every drop out of those opportunities.
When you look back you will marvel at all the opportunities that came your way and be glad that you recognized them and others you will realize that you missed a shot at something great ,but all in all we never arrive enough to explore new opportunities.This is what will drive you to even want more out of life and there is nothing wrong in being ambitious.Don’t be scared to want more for yourself than you thought you could .
Believe in yourself and allow yourself to evolve wildly into you !
Evolve 🖤

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