The Perfect Goodbye

Is there any particular great way of saying goodbye to a loved ,a place or a skill?Goodbyes are hard and challenging , especially when they feel as though time has been robbed and taken away from us .
We have all found ourselves in a place where we have to let go of someone or something in order for us to evolve .I remember when I first joined a boarding school ,I was so excited to experience life in a different place and meet new different people .Little did I know that I would have to say goodbye to alot of people and things .In a way I thought I had prepared myself enough for that moment ,but no! I thought that it would be a walk in the park , but I came to realize that not only was I saying goodbye but also other things were coming to an end with me saying goodbye .
Some goodbyes are voluntarily ,others involuntarily while others are just random goodbyes .Mastering the art of saying goodbye is a task by itself which only gets harder every time .
Practicing to say goodbye we can all agree that it becomes a part of us in one way or another ;that is if you are evolving .Some goodbyes can leave you a wreck while others are a relive ,cause heck ,some things and people can only align with our past or future ,no wonder we are necessitated to say goodbye .
Voluntarily goodbye has to be the easiest and hardest at the same time of all goodbyes .In a way you feel that you are prepared to say you last words ,to communicate your thoughts and finally let go .It’s not always as easy as we put since it tends to leave it’s mark .
Mastering this art becomes difficult or simpler by the day depending on what we are leaving .The not too soon goodbye is another task,how do you say it with kindness ,love , truthfulness .When I find out that secret I will be sure to let you know !
You might think that when you know a goodbye is coming you might have time to think about what to say ,how to guard yourself,how to deal with the person’s absence , but no that is not always the case .It tends to weigh heavily on the heart most of the times .
And what of it’s counterpart ,the unexpected goodbye the one that catches you offguard ,the goodbye that leaves you reeling,the one that doesn’t give you time to prepare ,but leaves you with nothing but questions .
In all essence I don’t think that there is a perfect goodbye,each goodbye is unique in the way it sounds or heals the heart .

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