The Eventuality of Things.

Eventuality, everything connects. Finding peace in the unknown is not something we that found ourselves in this full time job called over thinking find easy to do. As a senior over thinker, I’d much rather know what’s up from the jump. Like lemme know what’s good from the go, I don’t find peace in not knowing what to expect from life, friends, work, I mean heck even from myself.

By now you already know evolve is a platform for me to share some of my thoughts with my readers. So today’s thoughts are on the end game we so long for.

We all want to be more, be great, be better, experience life with depth and there is no problem with wanting nothing but the best for who we are as individuals. We all want to feel like we are doing better than we were the day before today. What exactly happens when things don’t go as we want them to? When making one step froward feels like making two steps back? What do we do when things don’t roll out the way we wish or hope they did?

I’ll tell you what I do, I become my own motivational speaker telling myself that mantra about better days, I’ll write my journal because writing for me works wonders when it comes to putting my mind at ease, then I’ll probably play a selected set of songs that tap into the good vibes within. You know like my sanity by Thrii or one dope song from Sauti Sol’s Midnight train album. I must say all these are just possible ways for me to get distracted from the paralysing thoughts of waiting for things to go right. As a deep thinker I relay more on thinking to be at peace. I don’t know about everyone else but I have to have one of those cliche meetings with myself just to have a series of thought processing sessions so as to be at peace with the now as I wait on the eventuality of things to design my realities.

One of the strategies I’ve learnt to use to calm my over speeding mind during such times is taking a trip down memory lane. I take myself back to days when nothing made sense, but with time things started connecting. A trip down memory lane helps with putting things into perspective, adds on my gratitude and helps ease the pressure of not having the answers now. It brings into perspective the idea of hope and faith and how mportant they are in navigating life.

We gotta trust that when it’s time to move we will move. It might take longer than we’d expect but eventually things do work out. Maybe not how we’d love them to but at least we’ll now know for sure where it is we stand at. Being at peace with the now as it is is a mind trick I’m yet to master but actively working towards it. Appreciating today and it’s beauty, this for me is paradise and honestly, I can’t wait to experience it.


#journey through redefinition

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