Is Anybody Loyal Anymore?

It has been a question that I have been pondering on for a hot minute now .Like are we really loyal to people or things but in this case it’s people ;are we really loyal to people or are we just loyal to the opportunities that we get when we associate with them ?

It’s no secret that in today’s world people are trading true friendships for ‘connection friendship ‘That we are willing to be in friendships and relationships that we stand to gain from solely without considering the other person .I was once a victim of this and plenty much of all of us are ;that you discover that a person was not really loyal to you but to the opportunity.
The problem of being loyal to the opportunity is that you will always be out of tune with the orchestra of the faithful ,if the only tune you live by is opportunities. When you are a person who doesn’t understand the value of loyalty ,you will never understand the damage of betrayal .Let’s face it ,when you are only loyal to opportunity it’s only a matter of time before your real intentions are seen and it becomes difficult for you to navigate friendships based on loyalty since you are unable to commit to them .
How then can we be able to know people who are loyal and those who are only loyal to the opportunities?There is a difference in that those who are loyal to you are assigned to you and those who are only there for the opportunities are attached to you .The person assigned to you will help you accomplish a task assigned to you and the person attached to you will only want to benefit from the task you have completed .Damn !this really hit home when I did some self reflection and I discovered that I had been assigned and attached to people and vice versa.
One of the consequences of associating with people who are not loyal is that they always end abandoning you ,let’s just be honest, people don’t abadon what they want ,they abadon what they were using . Ouch!I know it’s harsh but who are we lying too ,let’s have those honest conversations with ourselves as well . When you realize that somebody was using you ,it’s always such a downer especially if you are in our club of those people who love the deepest ;and the problem with us is that we tend to build high walls after undergoing such experiences.
Should we be stuck there since they couldn’t see our worth ? Absolutely no! Instead we allow ourselves to heal from such betrayals ,for pain builds walls ,but healing and wisdom build doors .When you are faithful it does not mean that you will omit such storms ,but it will be an insurance that you won’t collapse.I think we all genuinely crave for honest and true friendships while not first stepping into the shoes of the friends we want to have .
Let’s purpose to associate with people who add value to our lives and who inspire us to be the best versions of ourselves. Loyalty is when you have my back behind my back .
Evolve wildly into you .

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