What prompts one to let go of people they valued and things ? It’s a question I have been pondering on for the past few weeks . Don’t know if this is all in my head or something,but there is an elevation that comes naturally when you want more from life and yourself in general. Am not only meaning material wise but even in the way you view the world and people and things around you .You suddenly get the urge of not settling for less when you know very well that you deserve the best .
You start wanting to be surrounded by people with a higher vibration .People who are optimistic in everything despite how challenging the task is . Those who are willing to spot the opportunity,grab it ,analyse it and benefit from it . You start being drawn to people are working on becoming better versions of themselves daily despite the ups and downs of life .We can all agree that we have crossed paths with a pessimistic person and how draining they can be if you allow their vibrations to flow to you. You suddenly don’t want their energy anymore and slowly you start detaching yourself from them ,at times they will interpret it in a bad way but at the end of the day you gotta do what is good for you anyways .(don’t feel bad for being selfish for your own good )
In friendship and relationships,you totally feel drawn to people who are in the same journey as you of evolving ,people who are willing to work and improve themselves on a daily basis .The preference of friends you had intially changes and it’s not that they have become bad friends or they have been shady to you or something but simply because you start detaching from them for the way you are evolving is so different from them .Suddenly your start to question yourself on the person or people you are dating . You simply realize that you just don’t want to date people for the sake of dating but you want to date them with a purpose ,is it for the long run or just killing time ? Like everything in essence to you becomes a matter of ,what are you bringing to the table for me or even how are we both benefiting from this friendship or relationship?
In a way as your mindset changes so are your conversations,you start wanting to engage in deep and meaningful conversations .You become more attentive to listening and how you understand,you now not only listen to answer but to understand.In a way you become cautious of what you give your time to ;from the songs you listen to , shows you watch ,podcasts you listen to ,books you read , generally everything or anybody you give your time to starts to matter.Your perspective starts to change ,how you reason and do your things .
All over sudden new places start fascinating you ,in a way you don’t want to be restricted to one place ,you develop a yearning of traveling to new places and meeting new people . You start appreciating getting out of places you are familiar to ;since as you travel and meet new people ,they also start changing you depending on whom you are letting into your space .You start learning that there are different ways to do things and live life ,simply your mind starts to expand .
It is not always easy but it is always worth it ,for it requires one to level up in certain areas of their life and you are forced to let go of people and things you hold dear but are not aiding in your growth .Some days you will feel empty and lonely and lagging behind but you will take it one day at a time and sojour strong for yourself .
All in all detachment is something we have or will experience in our journey of evolving and if you are a lover of evolving like me ,you sure will hop on it with no regrets and be ready to pay for the price of detaching for it doesn’t come easily .
Evolve 🖤

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