Success redefined.

Success is one of life’s element that we all must agree has crossed our minds at one point in time. Society has normalised the idea of material wealth and possession to be the defining factor of one being termed as successful. By now y’all already know here at evolve we rarely go by what society terms as the defining standards of life and the talk about success isn’t going to be any different.

In our previous podcast episode we, my co-host and I, had a conversation about how society defines success and how this definition in turn affects the way we each Individualy think of success. Don’t get me wrong, having material wealth is Indeed enough to define or classify one to be successfull, but the question is is it really all it takes to be successfull?

In the episode we discuss and agree that with succsess we get to define it for ourselves and that we define it as we go on with life. To mean that success is not a one age or one particular time thing, that occurs. We can be successful everyday if we choose to be regardless of being six or fifty five years of age. With success we ought to allow ourselves to define it in a way that makes sense to us, a definition that gives our individual lives meaning. We should not be stuck on what society has normalized us to belive success to be about because let’s face it, some people don’t care much about fame and power and money, all which society has over the years used to define success to be about.

Listen in to the podcast for more of the pointers we put together when it comes to this talk about success.

#journey through redefinition.


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