Success redefined.

Success is one of life's element that we all must agree has crossed our minds at one point in time. Society has normalised the idea of material wealth and possession to be the defining factor of one being termed as successful. By now y'all already know here at evolve we rarely go by what society … Continue reading Success redefined.

What if THIS is IT.

This reminds me of all the dreams and goals I had growing up. My tainted perception of what success looks like, how it should feel like. By the time I hit my early twenties, like most young adults, I want to have moved out, not sure if it's running away from something or finding myself … Continue reading What if THIS is IT.

Let’s Talk Trauma.

What is trauma? Trauma can be defined as an emotional response to a terrible , predictable or unpredictable event, events or variety of events that can cause long term reactions like unpredictable emotions, flashbacks, fear, etc. This can result to mental health issues like post traumatic stress disorder and depression, strained relationships, avoidance, anxiety, alcohol … Continue reading Let’s Talk Trauma.

Navigating new realities

Every time I find myself thinking about what analogy would best describe life for me, I tend to think about a journey. A really long journey into the unknown, a journey to self discovery, a journey of growth, a journey of frustrating moments, a journey of winning and losing. I think life is designed to … Continue reading Navigating new realities