Let’s Talk Trauma.

What is trauma? Trauma can be defined as an emotional response to a terrible , predictable or unpredictable event, events or variety of events that can cause long term reactions like unpredictable emotions, flashbacks, fear, etc. This can result to mental health issues like post traumatic stress disorder and depression, strained relationships, avoidance, anxiety, alcohol … Continue reading Let’s Talk Trauma.

Not just forgiving,but forgiving myself.

I'm not going to start the year by lying,heaven knows I want to tell less lies this year,not completely no lies but less lies. You know lies can be a good thing too,right? I struggle with forgiving,not just others but also forgiving myself. I'm not the type that will easily forgive and just forget. Especially … Continue reading Not just forgiving,but forgiving myself.

World suicide prevention day.

Talking about mental health is not attention seeking,let's normalize the idea that it's okay not to be okay. Normalize talking about things that are bugging you, talking about it,somehow eases the weight inside. Be that listening ear someone needs,you don't always have to say something, listening and letting someone know you are there for them … Continue reading World suicide prevention day.