Success redefined.

Success is one of life's element that we all must agree has crossed our minds at one point in time. Society has normalised the idea of material wealth and possession to be the defining factor of one being termed as successful. By now y'all already know here at evolve we rarely go by what society … Continue reading Success redefined.

The Realities We Create.

How much of the reality you are living now has been created by you? I know the talk about expectations has crossed your ears by now. The one about having low expectations of people in your life, just so you don't get disappointed when they don't meet them? On one of my previous posts,Expectations i … Continue reading The Realities We Create.

Not just forgiving,but forgiving myself.

I'm not going to start the year by lying,heaven knows I want to tell less lies this year,not completely no lies but less lies. You know lies can be a good thing too,right? I struggle with forgiving,not just others but also forgiving myself. I'm not the type that will easily forgive and just forget. Especially … Continue reading Not just forgiving,but forgiving myself.

The Broken Wing Theory.

You meet this person,your energies match and you immediately want a relationship with them,as friends or romantic partners. They are your typical alpha male/female,looks are an almost sure bet that your children won't have to worry about them not being attractive enough. In addition to this,they have a sob story about their life experiences, and … Continue reading The Broken Wing Theory.