You got issues,we all’ve got issues,such a cliche right?

Everytime someone told,,,tells me i got issues i always wonder why they would think of it as something new or alien,i mean have you not heard about the popular saying, “i’ve got issues,you’ve got them too?” It’s funny how someone would think of another person as a perfect being with zero flaws,but here is a reality check baby,none of that exists.

If we being honest some of us have a series of issues,well layered at that. You thought she only had trust issues?,have you met the mighty inconsistency issues? how about the shitty availability ones?,you most probably haven’t met the unforgiving ones either.

Different people attribute their having issues to different reasons. For some it maybe a survival technique that at some point in time, living without them would not be wise, some grew into these issues maybe because life presented itself as a well established store you make orders for issues and delivery is always in time. Some got them form people they allowed,or maybe found themselves surrounded by,the list goes on and on.
When i think about issues,i think of them as me looking out for myself,first. Damn ain’t nobody got you like you got yourself. I look at it as me trusting my intuition to act a certain way about something , especially when i’m completely unaware of the possible outcomes. It sure is hard not to let these issues get in the way of something good,or possibility of something great happening.

I personally struggle with dealing with my issues but I’m really trying to work on building something positive out of them,which by the way, should be the only thing that counts. I feel like issues will always be there, given the kind of society we creating for ourselves today. It is sad,but it is exactly what we out here doing. Walking around broken and completely unaware to even accept it. Let’s not mention the part about being too lazy to put in the work,it’s like we not trying so hard when it comes to sharing the damage.

Issues are part of who we are,the least we can do is accept them as items of ourselves. Put in the work necessary to at least manage them,keep them under our control and letting ourselves be the drivers of this bus. Not letting them get the best of our feelings and emotions,not letting them get in the way of our relations with those we care about.

We imperfect beings,and having way too many issues is just but part of our imperfections. Letting them define who we are as individuals is where we should be willing to draw the line. Recognizing this should be a good place to start as we purpose to evolve wildly into ourselves.


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