Types of friendship.

Friendships are with no doubt a big part of our everyday life. At school,home or work we tend to form connections with the people we meet. However these connections do not always bare the same level of closeness and intimacy. Thus the different types of friends. It’s important to understand what level someone is as a friend that way you know what to and not to expect from them.

The acquaintance

The first on the list has to be an acquaintance type of friendship. This is the type of friend you happen to have met,maybe by chance. Most often what you know about them is their face,one name,if you are lucky two names. The conversation is merely passive and revolves around a hi, how is your day going. There is no closeness and association is based on just knowing a person. Here small talks is theeee tea, a big problem for people who’d rather talk about people’s fears,triggers, what life’s meaning is,matters spirituality and religion,those that do not enjoy small talk. Here there is nothing deep,all face value. I know them they know me,zero commitment,no pressure whatsoever and no intentions of them being more than just someone you happen to know.

The casual type.

This is that friend you know because you have something in common,and we’re it not for that y’all would never be friends,in other words situational friendship.. Example a classmate you share the same lecture with,a work mate you share an office with,your next door neighbor,etc. Unlike the acquaintance,the casual friend shares something in common with you which can form a basis of some level of communication. The nature of conversations with this type of friend usually revolve around a particular topic, usually what you both share in common. No deepness in knowing the other person at a personal level.

The close friend.

This is the kind of friendship where the other person knows enough about you. Not everything but enough for them to describe you,as a person they know. This level is characterized by activeness or intentionality and commitment to being friends. This means initiating conversations just to learn about what the other person is like,what are their preferences etc. Small talks here and there. These are the friends who share a number of similar interests and not just one,which are in line with ours. There is quality time spending and some level of closeness,not always deep. The inner circle you call to turn up once in a while,to celebrate a win. The friend that cheers you through a bad day. They are usually the feel good kind of friends. They mostly know about your good days and less of your bad days. It is likely for them to know some of your other friends,at or not at a personal level. Because they have met or you’ve talked about your friends to them.

The intimate friend.

The fourth type is the intimate friend. This friendship is characterized by deep connectedness and intimacy,resulting from commitment to the friendship. It goes beyond we vibe,or we share similar preferences to particular things. This is the type of friendship where the other person gets you without having to explain much. This friend knows almost everything about you,the good and the bad. The conversations here express vulnerability,that is,showing genuine emotions of fears or happiness,they are the kind you will allow to see you at your lowest and not just the high moments. This are the kind of friends that want to see you win and will constantly push you to keep chasing those goals. They are also the friends that will check you,when you doing wrong,but it all comes from a place of love. This kind of friendship is not shared amongst a group of friends,usually between two people. The best friend forever type. It has to be the climax of a friendship kind of relationship. It’s not a common type of friendship to come by,but has to be the best kind as it feeds not just your outside but your inside being.

It’s important to evaluate what type of friends you have so as to know where one fits in our lives. It is possible to move from an acquaintance to a close or intimate friend,and vice versa. I also feel that it’s important to ask the other person to be your friend. A simple can we be friends,or i think we would be better as close friends than just people who know each other,,,will save you from doing too much when you shouldn’t be. You don’t want to be the only one owning the other person as your friend when to them you are just someone they know. With friendships,it’s about intentions and commitment from both sides,it always takes two.


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