So you want change?

Today’s blog post is partly inspired by an episode we had on our podcast chanel. Since I started thinking about life with depth,and not just the face value of things that happen as we journey through life,the question on how or better yet what is a meaningful life and how does living a more meaningful life look or feel like has been living in my head rent free. Not that I’m complaining or anything,I kinda like it here to say the least.

In the midst of all the thinking ,and analysing,and rationalizing and trying to understand all this, I came to a number of realizations but for today I want to share on one. Finding my voice. In the episode we define meaning to be about language, significance and value. All of which blend in together to give meaning. In other words a meaningful life is about language, significance and value,you can’t have a meaningful life with just one and completely ignore the other parts. I believe a meaningful life can be centered on individual growth,however, a more meaningful life comes as a result of it being centered around not just me but the person next to me and the person next to them. It ain’t just about me but also about those surrounding me,in other words my society. Think about it.
I bet purpose came to mind as you were debunking on that thought. If you’d ask me,I’d say purpose and meaning go hand in hand. You have to find meaning in your designed life’s purpose for it to make sense and bring fulfilment to you. The vice versa is true,in your pursuit for a meaningful life,it’s probable you’ll discover your life’s purpose. Some of us have to deeply search for purpose while others just know that this is what their existence was meant to accomplish. Good for them,here I still don’t know what my purpose is,but I know there is one for me,all I gotta do is discover what that is. Today’s isn’t about purpose though,so hold that thought.

Society today has experienced what people in my field call social change. The status quo has shifted look at things like technology,work, family,morals,beliefs,life expectancy,economy,today politics,I mean hell even the physical environment,not that it has anything to do with social change but,you get the picture. A whole lot of things have changed over time and it’s not about to stop because time keeps moving, tomorrow in itself is not today who knows what will have changed by then,let alone three years from now.Social change isn’t always a bad thing neither is it all good. Some of the societal practices like female genital mutilation,early marriages,not educating girls,etc are a thing of the past,policies have been put in place to protect girls from backward traditional practices of yesteryears. That’s positive social change. I bet it just didn’t happen. Someone somewhere raised the alarm,which created a buzz and similar or like minded people joined in to support that one voice that was audaciously loud enough to stand and challenge such kind of practices.

Like wise,some of societal practices today are a smoking gun waiting to explode if nothing is done now,to at the very least mitigate,if not stop the outcomes awaiting the generations to come. I’m not about to give examples because I believe you’ve experienced some of it by now,either directly or indirectly. You know it’s wrong and isn’t supposed to be like that,you feel it but still decide to ignore maybe because you are scared of it putting a label on you,or you just don’t have the guts it takes to force the change,all those are familiar thoughts and feelings,because change is uncomfortable,it’s not easy to change the status quo of what has been happening for decades. But here’s the deal,change has to start somewhere,as small as you just speaking about it to a friend,who speaks about it to another and the cycle continues and before you know it,the word is already out,all because you decided to do something,which might have seemed minute,almost nothing.

Feeling something and not doing something about it in itself is a waste of emotions. You might as well flash your empathy down the sink the next time you visit the washroom. Change starts when we decide to do something after feeling a certain type of way about something. It don’t always have to be calling a press meeting to raise awareness,that would be great,but not everyone has access to the press. But you know what you have,a mouth,yeah,start shouting if you must,that phone,take videos,start a blog to raise awareness, your neighbour,that’s an agent of change use it,your friends and family,your area chief or priest,start somewhere. If the story has truth,then that’s all it takes to push the change you want to see.

All nine ten is this, to me a more meaningful life looks and feels like me being aware and concerned about what happens around me,(of course within myself too) whether it’s happening directly to me or not and allowing myself to do something about pushing the change I want to see.

Speak out,one voice can inspire others,one voice can start a movement.



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