The reality of “being stuck”.

You ever feel stuck,? Not knowing what to choose, what roads to tread on. How much of you to keep giving? You feel the pressure of the choice you have to make pressing on,that you are almost ready to allow yourself drown. Suddenly feel the need to make a sacrifice? One that only you can make because everything else seems to be out of your control. Should you keep chasing the same goal using the same plan or should you ultimately change the goal but keep the same plan? Should you keep trying because five times is when the dream work aligns with reality,or maybe you should just stop and stand still,be in the present and let things be? Let the universe decide?

They say reality is an illusion. That translates to what exactly,feeling of being stuck as an illusion? Let’s think about the reality of being stuck and it being an illusion. Maybe you not stuck, maybe you just imagining the scenario too much that you don’t have the facts right. Is there a state of not knowing what to do? I believe yes. But does this mean we don’t have options to choose from? Okay,an option to choose maybe? I believe no. Thinking about it this way has helped me see things to do with “being stuck” with an openness that has allowed me understand what reality being an illusion is about.

We tend to form perceptions about life realities based on how we feel. For instance failure, If my feelings towards failure as an experience are positive,then my perception of the entire experience is going to be a positive one,something good,an amazing thing. If my feelings towards the same experience are negative,then my understanding of it is going to be negative, something tragic, something bad. This alone shows how much of our realities are illusions of what is real, because we allow ourselves to perceive them differently based on how we feel about the matter. So basically when we form understandings and judgement and thoughts of life’s experiences based on how we feel,our emotional state,we form our realities,our beliefs our attitudes,values and principles,which we believe as our truths thus bringing them into existence. What happens when we evolve and grow into different mindsets, different thought processing,different world views? Our perception of things and experiences changes,so do our emotions towards them, this in turn affects the way we perceive the realties in which we are living in. The perceptions we form causes us to believe it as our truth,then act according to these truths, which in turn creates our realities. So we end up thinking our realities are true when they are not. A theory pushed by Psychologist Theodore Lipps, the Lipps theory on illusion explains this concept best. The biology angle even better.

So what does the reality of being stuck mean. I believe being stuck is a deluded feeling resulting from the reality of not knowing what to do. So technically you are not stuck because you have an option to choose if not, options to choose from,you are simply not making a choice. Maybe because you are scared of the unknown which is true and justified but that’s the rule of life,a journey into the unknown. Take the choice with the least risk. The one that makes your heart full,one that gives you joy,the one that feels right. What is the right choice? The One that feels true. It may not be the best but it’s from your truth,one that reflects your authentic self,the mask off version of you.

For those chasing a life of adventure kind of story,take the one with the highest risk, because sometimes,the highest risk yields the highest returns. Either way,the choice you make will eventually reveal a reality you will not know until you know. So make that choice,unstuck yourself,because you have a choice. You have the control. Stuck is an illusion,do something about it already.


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